Geography Program

Map of the United States

Hello Sandy Hook Parents/Guardians,

It’s time again to learn about geography! 

Every year the PTA sponsors the Geography Program to encourage students to expand their horizons. The Sandy Hook School PTA Geography Program has a history of preparing our students for success in geography in future grades. This is a great opportunity for families to discuss personal connections with places around our country and around the world.  

Once each month, your child will bring home a blank map to fill in and study. It is recommended to make copies of the blank map so your student may use in their studying and to assist in practicing clear lettering. 

About two weeks after students receive the study tests, the teachers will distribute maps for the students to complete in the classroom. The students begin by learning about the United States and then with success, move on to learning about other countries.

Beginning in October, Second graders will prepare for their first map - New England States.  Third graders will prepare for Eastern States and Fourth graders will prepare for the 50 States assessment.

The Geography Program is intended to be fun as well as educational for everybody. Participation in this program is voluntary and available to every student, 2nd through 4th grade, each month. Support and encouragement from you can make this a great learning experience for the whole family. Many students have had great learning success practicing their geography maps on   Throughout the program, students will receive a small reward as they progress, and at the recognition assembly at the end of the school year, geography achievement is recognized.

To view the geography parent letter 

or If your child would like to opt out of the geography tests click the link and

 please return this completed document to your child's teacher.

2018-2019 Geography Test Dates

October 8-12

November 5-9

December 10-14

January 14-18

February 11-15

March 18-22

April 22-26

May 20-24

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

4th Grade

New England States

Eastern States

50 States

North Eastern States

Western States

50 State Capitals

South Eastern States

50 States

Continents & Oceans

Midwestern States

Eastern State Capitals

North America

Southwestern States

Western State Capitals

South America

West Coast States

50 State Capitals


Eastern States

Bodies of Water in U.S


Western States

Mountains & Geographical Features (Plains, Deserts, etc.)



Thank you for your support with this great enrichment program! 

If you have trouble printing the maps, try saving the file to your computer and printing it instead of trying to print from a browser window.

You will need Adobe Reader for the Practice Tests and Study Guides. 
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