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About Typing Quest

Sandy Hook School students in Grades 2, 3 and 4 have access

to a website called Typing Quest Online throughout the school

year as well as the summer months.  Typing Quest Online

allows your child to develop touch typing skills at his or her

own pace.  One of the best things about Typing Quest is that 

your child can access it from home so you have a chance to 

see his or her progress.

1. From the Sandy Hook Homepage, go to Students, then 

Typing Quest. (You can also find it under Departments-Computer Lab)

2. Students will use the same log in and password that they use in school. 

3. Younger student begin with "Keyboarding Kickstart" then move 

on to the “Junior Typing Course” Your child may begin a new lesson 

or resume one that s/he has already started.  Please remind your child 

that he or she needs to take the skill tests in the lab even if they pass 

them at home.  This will ensure that they can pass the test with the 

Speed Skin on and that they don't progress without mastering each skill.  

The goal of this program is to have your child become a competent touch typist.

Parents can:     
-Monitor your child’s consistent hand placement on the home keys.
-Remind your child to look at the screen while typing and not 

look down at the keyboard while typing.

-Help your child understand how touch-typing is a lifelong skill 

and will benefit them in school and work 

We hope you will encourage your child to use Typing Quest Online 

as often as possible. Typing or keyboarding proficiency is increasingly 

becoming necessary for student's academic success.  We want to 

give them every opportunity to develop the skills they need in our challenging world.

Click HERE to see the parent letter


About Speed Skins

At SHS we use Speed Skins to help students become touch typists. 

Speed Skins are keyboard covers that keep students from looking 

down at the keys.

If you would like to order one of your own, check out
Speed Skins
There are different types; 
for desktop computers, laptops, and chromebooks.

They are also available through Amazon.

Help your student become a SUPER SPEEDY TYPIST!


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