Computer Lab
Winter Fun Make a snowman
Make a Snow Monster 
Shepard Software Winter

Grover's Winter Games Winter Nature Jigsaw Puzzles Winter Fun Jigsaw Puzzles

Loads of SNOWMAN and SNOWFLAKE games!
PBS Kids Winter and Winter Holidays

Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  Sheppard Software commemorates MLK
Scholastic News Commemorates MLK
Primary Games for MLK Day
  Martin Luther King Jr. & the Civil Rights Movement

Groundhog Day
Starfall - Groundhog Day Drag and Drop Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle Dress-Up Groundhog Groundhog Word Search Groundhog Day Video - Book by Gail Gibbons Punxsutawney Phil and Gobblers Knob All About Groundhogs
100th Day
100th Day games
100th Day Workout
Count to 100 video 100th Day of School Read-Along Video Find the Bone
Skip Counting
Skip Counting Adventure Man
Skip Counting Connect the Dots
Chinese New Year Chinese New Year Games
Valentine's Day
Make a Valentine - Starfall
Counting Hearts
Chocolate Puzzle
Valentine's Hunt

Lots of Valentine Games

George's Hearts and Crafts
Valentine's Day Puzzle - Sesame Street
Math Journey - Greater Than/Less Than Valentine Puzzle

Word Search
Crossword Puzzle
Monkey GO Happy Hearts 

Valentine Coding
On Cloud Nine
Spread The Love
Make a Valentine (harder)

President's Day
President's Day games
More President's Day Games
Little George Spot the Difference
If You Were the President - Scholastic
President's Day for Students
Code a President's Day Trivia Game
St. Patrick's Day
Starfall - 4 Leaf Clover
Lucky Drop
Shamrock Hunt
St. Patrick's Day Story
St. Patrick's Day Games
The Night Before St. Patrick's Day Read Aloud 

Bunnies and Eggs 

Make an Easter Egg 

Egg Hunt 

Peter Rabbit Games for Kids 

More Peter Rabbit Games 

Paint and Make Egg 

ABCya Egg Hunt 

Word Search 

Crossword Puzzle 

Seasons and Spring 

The Seasons - Sheppard Software

Earth Seasons 

Seasons Story 

Zoe's Silly Seasons 

Help Zoe Clear the Lawn 

The Weather Wheel 

Cat in the Hat Weather Transformer 

Weather Surprise 

Grand Canyon - Seasons SS video 

Let Me Grow 

Lots of Seasons and Weather Games 

Earth Day 

Every Day is Earth Day - Starfall 

Earth Day for Kids 

Betsy's Kindergarten Earth Day video 

The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle - Read Aloud 

Peep and the Big Wide World - Plants a Seed video 

Magic School Bus - Habitat Match 

Recycle Round-up 

Earth Puzzle 

The Lorax Game 

Cat in the Hat Super Cleaner Upper 

Nature Cat Build a Park 


Plan It Green 

Plan it Green - National Geographic Site (must log-in, but can save) 

The Lorax Project 

Earth Day Word Search 

Earth Day Crossword Puzzle 

Water Pollution 

Planet Pals

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