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Native Americans

Native American Facts for Kids Kids Info - Links to many different tribes
Native American Regional Information
Ducksters - Naive American Information
Mr. Nussbaum - Native Americans
Kids Connect - Native Americans
Tribal Maps - Our own names and locations
Native American Maps - Emerson Kent
The Ancestral Pueblo People - Webrangers
Native American History
Trueflix - Naive Americans (Apache, Comanche, Inuit, Iroquois, Pueblo, Sioux)
What-When-How - 
Tribes of the SouthwestTribes of the Northwest Coast,
Tribes of the Great PlainsTribes of CaliforniaTribes of the Plateau,
Tribes of the SubarticTribes of the ArcticTribes of the Great Basin,
Native American Terminology (also search for other and specific tribes by name) - Native Americans  scroll down for specific tribes and more info
DK Native Americans

ConneCT Kids

Ducksters CT History CT 
The Connecticut Colony
ConneCT Kids Project Helper pdf
CT Maps Native Americans of CT
Timeline of CT
Infoplease CT Information
Two Minute Tour of CT - video
Noah Webster House - Info on Noah Webster and CT in Colonial Times
PBS Colonial House  - from the TV series; Interactive exhibits and games
Museum of CT History  Check out the Museum Exhibits
Trueflix - The Connecticut Colony

Founding This Nation and Government
Founding Father's Bios
Signers of the Constitution Bios
Who were the Constitutional Convention Delegates
Teaching with Art - The Signing of the Constitution
Fascinating Facts About the Constitution
The Founding Fathers:  Framers, Signers, Participants
US Government Games
Trueflix - US Government, 13 Colonies, Regions and more  
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Fact Monster - United States
Fact Monster - American Revolution

Women in History
Women in
Women of NASA
Distinguished Women of the Past and Present
American Women
Women in History Month
100 Famous Women
Biographies for Kids
Biographies - Ducksters
DK Women's Sufferage
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